Arrival Slot

Arrival is a 3D sci-fi slot from Betsoft Gaming and one of the most entertaining slots we’ve reviewed here at Free Slots so far. It opens, as is Betsoft’s custom, with a short, 3D movie clip outlining the back story to the slot. This time, the evil alien lord Zarpon is planning to take over the galaxy. The only hope for decent people everywhere lies with a plucky duo from the Galactic Police (for the purposes of this game known only as “the Marine” and “the Girl”). While patrolling the galaxy, these two come across Zarpon and act quickly to thwart his evil plans. But his next move is something neither of our heroes expect: Zarpon kidnaps the Girl. Now your mission is to help the Marine rescue his partner from Zarpon’s clutches and save the universe. Are you up to the task?


Arrival is a feast of animations for the slots fan who appreciates complexity. The symbols are almost dizzyingly busy – each one with its own animated sequence whenever it’s triggered in a payline. The regular symbols are as follows (sorry for the bizarre descriptions – this sci-fi slot is pretty out there and some of the symbols are somewhat hard to define!):

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Software Producer
Paylines 30
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $5
Bonus Game Yes
Mobile Version No
  • The Marine
  • The cute fluffy alien creature
  • One of Zarpon’s robots
  • A Galactic Police badge
  • A UFO
  • A planet with a ring of cosmic dust around it
  • Zarpon’s red target symbol on a green background – that’s what he uses to destroy planets (we presume)
  • A metal contraption with a green eye

As you can see, the symbols on the reels have been carefully chosen to fit the theme, and they certainly lend some authenticity to this outer space adventure. The special symbols are:

  • The ray gun – three or more triggers the UFO Click Me Feature
  • Zarpon the Brain Alien – acts as a sort of scatter symbol; three or more trigger the Abduction Wild Reel Feature (basically a free spins round)
  • The Girl – three of more of these symbols trigger the bonus round (more details later)

Wagers and Jackpots

This is a five-reel slot game. Coin bets on this game range from 0.02 to 0.50 in whichever currency you play in (this applies to real money players only of course). You can bet up to five coins per line to boost your potential real money winnings. There are 30 paylines in total. The most valuable regular symbol is the Marine – five of him on the reels will win you 400 coins. The smallest jackpot is five coins for two UFO symbols on the reels.

Other ways to win

There are two additional features through which you can collect extra prizes and a bonus feature where you can pick up the biggest jackpot.

  • UFO Click Me Feature – launched by three ray gun symbols anywhere on the reels. UFOs appear on the screen; you have to click on them to reveal instant credits that are added to your prize pot.
  • Abduction Wild Reel Feature – triggered by three alien brain symbols. The UFO appears and emits a bright green ray which converts a whole reel into an expanding wild symbol. Then you get free spins and more chances to win.
  • The Bonus Round – this is an exciting, interactive bonus feature. When three or more Girl symbols appear on the reels, you are taken to a room where Zarpon is holding the girl captive inside a force field bubble suspended in the air. Your task is to direct the Marine to release the Girl by pressing buttons that switch off the four points where the force field is holding up the bubble. If you succeed in freeing the Girl you win lots of credits. Don’t forget to pay attention to Zarpon’s reaction when you get the girl out – it’s very funny.

Music, audio and graphics

Arrival is a triumph in terms of sound and graphics. Suspenseful music plays throughout and creates a tense atmosphere. The graphics are simply second to none. Rich, lifelike and colorful. Betsoft have done a great job of creating a truly interactive slot game. They’ve even introduced a 3D character who accompanies you at the reels (that’s Zarpon). Every time you hit spin Zarpon grabs a lever that makes the reels move. He even celebrates your wins with an evil cackle. In this way Arrival is quite similar to some Net Ent slots that have this feature (for example, Gonzo’s Quest).

The Last Word

Simply brilliant. Not just for sci-fi fans. Nine out of ten. Go Betsoft!

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