Other Games

One of the most exciting things about the advances in online games today is the freedom game designers have to break the mold and create games that don’t fit traditional categories. This open-minded approach to game development means there’s a huge selection of games available with fun, exciting themes. This section is where we introduce you to games like these to play for free.

Arcade Games

Arcade games, sometimes called skill games, can be anything and everything. You’ll find arcade games based on dice, sports, playing cards, even children’s playground games. The arcade games we feature here are colorful, imaginative and entertaining, even when playing just for fun.

Scratch Cards

Yes, scratchcards are online now too. In fact, when you see what some of the best game developers have done with the scratch card concept you’re guaranteed to be impressed. The scratchcard games we feature have exciting themes and music, and some have 3D graphics. Usually the game comes with a bonus round or special feature not found in a traditional scratchcard.

Play for Fun, Play for Free

In Other Games, Free Slots brings you a wide selection of the fun, fabulous and frivolous to play to with no download, no wagers, and no registration needed. We’re confident that the sheer range of arcade games, scratchcards and skill games available will keep even players entertained.