Neptune’s Kingdom Slot

In Roman mythology Neptune was the god of the sea. He had the power to bestow military victory on the high seas to those he favored, and to cast the vessels of anyone who displeased him to the murky depths of the ocean floor. Playtech have incorporated this sinister aspect of the Neptune myth into this regular (meaning basic, non-video) slot. If you dare to venture into Neptune’s underwater kingdom you may just leave with a handsome reward of treasure. Try it here for free and see how you fare.

Setting the Scene

Behind the reels you can see that your ship has abandoned you and is sailing off into the distance. You’re on your own in Neptune’s Kingdom under the intimidating glare of the underwater god’s glowing red eyes. Be careful not to get too close to his trident! When you spin the reels you’ll hear the sounds of the waves washing over you and the bubbles of air popping next to your ears. The sea creatures, chests of gold and beautiful mermaids that populate the reels are your only hope of coming away with some riches in your pocket. Place your bet and dive in!

Our Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Software Producer
Paylines 5
Min Bet per Line $0.01
Max Bet per Line $100
Bonus Game No
Mobile Version No


This is a very basic slot game with a classic design. There are just three reels of symbols with no animation. There are no wilds, no scatters and no bonus symbols. Having said that, the images are colorful and in keeping with the marine-life theme, and between them they offer you 10 possible jackpot-winning combinations.

  • The orange fish – this orange and white-hued creature is of unidentifiable species but will win you 20 coins for a line of three.
  • The lobster – you won’t want to eat this aquatic delicacy after he scoops you a prize of 25 coins for three symbols in a line.
  • The red-and-black-striped fish – the second fish symbol is worth 30 coins for a line.
  • The trident – Neptune’s own weapon of choice will spear you a win of 40 coins for a payline.
  • The mermaid – not only does she possess great powers of seduction, she can also make you rich! 50 coins for a line of three.
  • The chest of gold – this is the most interesting symbol on the reels because it can win you a jackpot in any direction (vertically, horizontally and diagonally); all the other symbols pay out on horizontal lines only. The smallest prize for three lined-up chests of gold is 100 coins; the biggest is 150.

Wagers and jackpots

Although Neptune’s Kingdom has only three reels and five designated paylines, there are actually 10 different combinations of symbols that can win you jackpots across those lines. If you play this slot for real money, you’ll be able to wager between 0.01 and 5.00 in whichever currency you’re using. That makes the maximum real-money jackpot on this game 5.00 x 150 coins = 750 dollars/euro/sterling pounds, etc.

Other Ways to Win

Zip unfortunately! (Unless you count the Autoplay feature which allows you to program lots of spins in advance.) There are no special free spins or bonus rounds to be found in Neptune’s Kingdom.

Music, audio and graphics

The best feature of this game is probably the audio of the waves breaking on the shore and the bubbles. The graphics are simple, easy-to-follow, colorful and fun, but they don’t do many tricks.

The Last Word…

A classic, simple slot game for players who appreciate classic and simple slots. Six out of ten.

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