Fountain of Youth Slot

Fountain of Youth is another of the 3-reel games that Playtech consider to be part of their range of “classic” or “regular” slots. That means the design is simplistic and easy to understand, but also that there are no frills other than the slot’s fun concept, attractive setting, and prizes.

Setting the Scene

Fountain of Youth is in our Myths and Fairytales section as the legend of the fountain’s life-giving waters has captured the imagination of many peoples and cultures. Supposedly anyone who bathes in the fountain’s waters will have their youthfulness, beauty and good health restored – sounds tempting, eh? But Playtech have added another twist: now the Fountain of Youth can make you rich too (if you play for real money). So enter this world of sparkling blue waters, greenery and nature, and let some of the fountain’s magic rub off on you, and on your wallet.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Software Producer
Paylines 3
Min Bet per Line $0.01
Max Bet per Line $100
Bonus Game No
Mobile Version No


The symbols on the Fountain of Youth’s reels reflect the theme of the game. You’ll find butterflies, bluebirds, frogs (attractive-looking ones) and flowers. There are no special symbols because this is a classic game; so no Free Games round or fancy bonuses. The payouts on the fountain symbol are the most generous.

Here are your winning symbol combinations:

  • Fountain of Youth – as the main symbol of the game, the fountain will win you 400 coins for just one symbol landing on an enabled line; 600 coins for two; and the maximum prize in this slot: 800 coins for three fountain symbols on one payline.
  • Butterfly – if the beautiful butterflies line up for you you’ll be 250 coins richer. Look out for butterflies flitting around the reels too.
  • Bluebird – these cute little birdies will sing to the tune of 125 coins for a line of three.
  • Frogs – if three of these guys hop onto a line they’ll net you 60 coins.
  • Flowers – these are worth 30 coins for three in a row.

Wagers and jackpots

This is a 3-reel slot with a total of eight different winning combinations across three paylines. When playing for real money, this is an ideal game for those on a low to medium budget, as the smallest bet is just 0.01 in whichever currency you’re using, and the highest is 5.00. This means that your maximum possible jackpot would be 5.00 x 800 which comes to a not-to-be-sniffed-at 4,000 $/£/€.

Other Ways to Win

A generous feature of this game is the “any three symbols” winning combo. That’s right, if any three symbols at all land on an enabled payline (i.e. one you’ve bet on) you’ll be rewarded with four coins (ok, so it’s not much, but we think it’s a nice touch!). Obviously to increase your chances of this happening you should bet max and enable all three paylines for every spin.

Music, audio and graphics

The simple graphics on this game depict a setting of sweetness, purity and innocence. There’s a helpful gold star that flashes on the pay table beside the winning combo you’ve just hit whenever you get a winning payline. When you spin the reels you’ll hear a strum on the harp, and if you win something a magical little tune plays to let you know.

The Last Word…

Very cute, very simple and very fun. Ideal for someone who gets disorientated and struggles to follow their winnings on more complex slots. Six out of ten.

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