Enchanted Slot

Enchanted is another magical gem of a slot, courtesy of Betsoft gaming, and we are delighted to be able to include it in our collection of myths and fairytales slots. This cinematic slot game invites you into an enchanted world of wizardly, fairy dust and magical forests, but streaks ahead of other magic slots out there (check out Fountain of Youth by Playtech, for example) thanks to its amazing Betsoft graphics and audio. That’s not to mention the truly fantastical animated bonus rounds, free spins and the generous combination of 30 winning paylines (relevant in real-money only), all of which help bring this magic slot’s theme to life

Setting the Scene

The best way to get an insight into the mystery behind any 3D Betsoft slot is to watch the little movie that plays out as the game is loading. The Enchanted Slot movie introduces you to a bewitching forest world where the characters of Feera the fairy, Rufus the ogre, Elrid the wizard and Tonk the elf live and, it would seem, play quite a lot of tricks on one another. The reels are set in the dark but plush green surroundings of the woods, with ancient, gnarled oak trees and red and white-spotted toad stools providing the backdrop to all the buttons you need to spin the reels.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Software Producer
Paylines 30
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $5
Bonus Game Yes
Mobile Version No


Every symbol on this magic slot is unique and animated when triggered in payline. Their intricate graphics and the sound they produce all draw you further into this entrancing world. There’s simply so much going on it would take more space than we have here to describe what each one does in detail, so here’s a quick overview of all the magical sights and adventure you can look forward to:

The character symbols:

Elrid the Wizard casts a spell (Elrid is also the highest paying symbol – 5,000 coins for 5 symbols); Tonk the Elf holds his belly and laughs out loud; Feera the fairy blows a magical kiss; and Rufus the ogre picks his ear (nice!).

The other symbols are as follows, and they all do something when triggered, be it spin, fly or light up!

  • The owl
  • The crystal ball
  • The wine goblet
  • The staff
  • The ring
  • The golden key (this is a bonus round symbol)
  • The crazy hat (another crazy bonus round trigger)
  • The spell book (this symbol launches the free spins bonus)

Wagers and jackpots

This is a 5-reel magic slot with a 30 generous ways to win on the reels themselves, and a plethora of bonus rounds to help you boost your earnings (of course this will only be of interest to players spinning for real money rather than for free). The minimum regular jackpot per spin is 2 coins (for two Tonk the elf symbols) and 5,000 coins for landing five Elrid the wizard symbols. In real money you can bet between 0.05 and 1.00 €/$/£ in whichever currency you’re using. You can also bet up to five coins per line, thereby increasing your chances of a magnificent jackpot.

Other ways to win

Just like its sister slot Lost (also by Betsoft and featured in Free Slots adventure slots collection) Enchanted boasts a stack of bonus rounds and free spins features.

  • Tonk’s Tinkering Doors feature – anytime you land a golden key symbol on the fifth reel watch how Tonk the elf comes out and climbs up to collect it. Once you’ve collected three keys, the bonus feature is launched. Tonk tinkers with the locks on the reels to reveal your prizes.
  • Crazy Hat’s Crazy Reels – two or more Crazy Hat symbols will trigger a tornado on the reels. The prizes will blow you away!
  • Spellbook Free Spins – this feature does exactly what you’d expect – gives you free spins when you land three or more spell book symbols on an active payline (note that the more paylines you bet on, the more likely this is to happen!).
  • Save Feera’s Birdie – this is a really fun feature and not as easy to do you might think! When Feera the fairy and Rufus the ogre land side by side on an active payline, you’ll be charged with the task of rescuing Feera’s birdie, which Rufus has trapped in a cage. You’ll have to maneuver Feera over the ogre’s head and make her cast a spell on him three times. On the third successful spell Rufus turns into a frog and your winnings are totted up on the screen.

Music, audio and graphics

In addition to the stunning graphics, Enchanted offers aptly chosen audio (laughter, magic spell noises, and exciting jingles as the reels spin) and music in the form of mysterious tunes just perfect for the enchanted forest setting. The colorful, 3D graphics are rich and crisp. We’ve heard that sometimes Betsoft’s intricate graphics can be a little heavy, and that sometimes the reels get stuck, but we played Enchanted for a significant period of time and experienced no problems at all.

The Last Word

Truly a magic slot – great entertainment for real money or for free: nine out of ten.

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