Goblin’s Cave Slot

Visit the friendly Goblin in his cave of riches and you just might come away with some generous bonuses and prizes. Although at first glance this simple Playtech game seems a bit short on reels and paylines, it actually has 17 different winning symbol combinations (this is what Playtech calls a “multi-payline” slot). Also, because Goblin’s Cave is a video slot, there’s a lightly animated bonus round too.

Setting the Scene

Goblin’s Cave is a fairytale slot destined for a happy ending. The Goblin himself is the patron of a welcoming cave filled to the roof with all sorts of treasures and delights. The Goblin looks a little down on his luck in an old brown sweater and torn slippers, but in fact he’s so anxious to share his vast collection of booty with you that he even pulls on the handle to spin the reels himself. If you’re lucky, the right combination of precious jewels and trinkets will line up on the paylines and you’ll leave the cave richer than you came in. Look out for a friendly wink from the Goblin’s heavy, purple-lidded eyes, and for his sparkling fangs.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Software Producer
Paylines 3
Min Bet per Line $0.01
Max Bet per Line $500
Bonus Game No
Mobile Version No


The symbols on this game are basic, without animation, but plentiful. They include all manner of shiny things; a veritable heaven for magpies. You’ll find:

  • A bonus symbol – a blue-topped lantern to help you find your way through all that treasure
  • A wild symbol – a precious red diamond

The reels are also full of jewel-encrusted crowns, golden rings, precious coins and what appears to be a collection of very fancy, expensive teapots.

Wagers and jackpots

As we already mentioned, Goblin’s Cave is a three reel, multipayline slot with 17 different winning payline combinations. The lowest jackpot is just 1 coin (for a line of three Goblin coin symbols) and the highest is 150 coins for three wild red diamond symbols. You can place bets from 0.01 to 5.00 in whatever currency you use when playing for real money.

Other Ways to Win

  • Holding the reels – Goblin’s cave gives you a more control over your own destiny than the average slot: you can actually choose to hold one or more the reels (if you land the symbol you’re looking for) and spin again, thereby increase your chances of netting three winning symbols or indeed three bonus symbols, thereby triggering the bonus round.
  • Bonus round – if you land a payline of three lanterns the bonus round is triggered. You’ll be taken to a mysterious cavern and asked to pick one of eleven treasure chests to reveal your prize.

Goblin’s Cave is not a progressive jackpot game.

Music, audio and graphics

You won’t find any tunes on Goblin’s Cave but some of the audio effects are rather amusing (the old reels squeak and groan as the Goblin cranks them around). The graphics like we said before are simple but playful. This game is all about the reels, symbols and prizes – no theatrics.

The Last Word…

Straightforward, good, clean fun. Six out of ten.

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