Barbary Coast Slot

Pirates and treasure are common themes in online slots, but this 3D slot from Betsoft stands way out from the crowd. To find out what Barbary Coast is all about, you can’t do better than listen to the fantastic audio intro which plays as this adventure slot loads. As it says, this game is all about pirates, pillage and plunder. You’re joining Ben Sawyer’s ship of ruthless seamen on a voyage to the Barbary Coast in search of treasure and riches beyond your wildest dreams. On the way you’ll encounter sultry maidens as well as sword fighting and swash bulking men of the waves, and you’ll even get the chance to take on a veteran seafarer in a no-holds-barred drinking game. If you’re lucky, you’ll be returning home with fame and an incredible fortune.

This adventure slot’s graphics and animations are some of the very best the industry currently has to offer. Furthermore, Barbary Coast comes with no fewer than five special features, including EXPLOSIVE WILDS, FREE GAMES, a FIGHT BONUS, and the GROG CHALLENGE. Give it spin, if you think you can handle it.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Software Producer
Paylines 30
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $5
Bonus Game Yes
Mobile Version No


No high value playing card symbols to be found on this game. Betsoft has constructed gorgeous, detailed reel symbols with lots of animations when they’re triggered in active paylines. The regular symbols are:

  • the sultry maiden
  • the skull and crossbones
  • the treasure chest
  • the gold coins
  • the pistol
  • the golden compass
  • the map
  • the barrel

The special symbols are:

  • the parrot (triggers the FREE GAMES)
  • the cannon (triggers the EXPLOSIVE WILD)
  • the Ben Sawyer symbol (triggers the DASHING SAWYER CLICK ME FEATURE)
  • the Captain Blackbeard symbol (triggers the FIGHT BONUS)
  • the worker symbol (triggers the GROG CHALLENGE)

Wagers and Jackpots

Barbary Coast has a generous 30 paylines. This 5-reel adventure slot awards 1,500 coins for its maximum payout on a regular spin (that’s for 5 sultry maiden symbols on an active payline). The minimum payout is 50 coins for 3 barrel symbols on an active payline. This makes Barbary Coast a big spender in terms of prizes – if you do play it for real money. But remember, where the prizes are big the losses can be big too. To push your potential winnings up even further, you can bet up to 5 coins per payline. The range of coin values you can use for your wagers is 0.01 to 1.00 in whichever currency you might play in for real cash.

Other ways to win

Barbary Coast has five special features which can boost your real-money winnings or simply make playing for free a lot fun:

  • FREE GAMES – if you get 3 or more parrot symbols on a payline you’ll win free spins and instant credits. FREE GAMES are an additional opportunity for play-for-fun slots fans to see the great animations, graphics and music in this adventure slot.
  • EXPLOSIVE WILD – when the cannon symbol lands on the center reel, the ship worker character emerges from the reels and swivels the cannon round so he can take a shot at the center reel. When he does, this reel becomes an EXPLOSIVE WILD, which is held in place for one more spin and increases your chances of a win, and of triggering another of this game’s amazing special features.
  • DASHING SAWYER CLICK ME FEATURE – after 3 or more Ben Sawyer symbols land on the reels, you’ll be offered a choice of special symbols to click on as Sawyer himself lithely swings across the screen on the end of a rope. You’ll be awarded some credits for whichever CLICK ME symbol you choose, so choose well!
  • FIGHT BONUS – after 3 Captain Blackbeard symbols land on an active payline, you’ll be taken to another screen where Ben Sawyer and Blackbeard take each other on in a sword fight for the sultry maiden, who’s tied to the ship’s mast and wearing a fetching red dress in the background. If you win, you get the credits and the girl.
  • GROG CHALLENGE – this is our favorite. When 3 or more of the worker symbols land on an active payline, you’ll be challenged to the drinking contest to end all drinking contests by this beast of a man. On another screen, he’ll sit you down at a table on the ship’s deck and ask you to choose heads or tails. Whoever loses the coin toss has to drink a shot of the grog. The longer you last, the more credits you’ll win.

Music, audio and graphics

Brilliant, 3D graphics, fantastic music and audio. We can’t say enough good things about this game.

The Last Word

Excellent entertainment value for Free Slots players: nine out of ten.

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