Slots Angels Slot

Slots Angels is yet another treat from Betsoft for those of us who appreciate colorful, 3D slot graphics. This Hell’s Angels’-themed game is your chance to experience the life of a motorbike gang member while spinning the reels in search of a jackpot (in the case of Slots Angels, a progressive jackpot!). Whether on the road or in the bar playing pool or darts, you have to be tough to hold your own in this game, where the women are fast, the parties are hard, and booze is plentiful. Try it now to find out if you too were “born to spin”!


All the 3D symbols on the reels in Slots Angels are animated, and the colors and images make for an authentic Hell’s Angels and hard rock bar atmosphere (as does the music throughout!). Mostly the symbols feature the Slots Angels members themselves and their women – none of whom are to be messed with. But there are also symbols such as the dartboard, balls on a pool table, a Slots Angels lighter and a neon sign flashing outside the Slots Angels’ favorite haunt. When triggered in a payline, these 3D images really come to life. The biker revving his engine at the bottom right corner of the reels is a nice touch too. He roots for you as you spin and celebrates when you when. Sometimes he talks to you, and even gives his bike a kick every now and then.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Software Producer
Paylines 30
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $5
Bonus Game Yes
Mobile Version No

Wagers and jackpots

The Slots Angels progressive jackpot is probably the prize that will interest players most – but it’s only available to players who wagering real money on the game. The progressive is won if you manage to land five of the symbols featuring the biker with the black beard, bandana and sunglasses, all on payline number 1, after placing a maximum bet. The chances of scoring this progressive are admittedly slim, but if you do, you’ll be riding off into the sunset significantly richer than you were when you began spinning.

The regular jackpots available on each spin range from 300 coins for five black-bearded biker symbols on a payline (other than payline 1) to 2 coins for three symbols showing a wad of bills. Coin bets range from 0.02 to 0.50 in whichever currency you play in. There are a total of 30 paylines.

Other ways to win

Slots Angels comes with a higher than average number of special features and bonus rounds, even for a Betsoft game:

  • Party Free Spins Mode: Triggered by three or more liquor bottles symbols anywhere on the reels, this feature awards you free spins with a wild center reel. Watch as the whole biker gang appears on the reels to cheer you on!
  • Darts Click Me Feature: Launched by three or more dartboard symbols anywhere on the reels; click on one of the dartboards to reveal your prize.
  • Reel Re-spin Feature: This extremely generous feature means your winnings will often be increased; every time you spin a winning combo, the prize is added to your balance and then the center reel will spin again, this time with a multiplier that ranges from x1 to x5 depending on how many times the center reel re-spins.
  • Biker Race Bonus Round: Spin three or more lead biker symbols (he’s the guy with the white beard on the motorbike at the bottom of the reels) and the Biker Race Bonus will be launched. You have to choose which of the three bikers you think will win the race; your winnings will be added to your prize pot total.
  • Double Up Coin Toss Feature: You can choose when to use this feature (available any time after you spin a winning combination) by pressing the Double Up button. Then select whether the biker will toss heads or tails; get it right and you double your money, get it wrong and you lose it all!

Although it might sound as if a lot of these features are relevant only to real-money players, we think the animations in the bonus rounds also make for good entertainment, and that slots fans playing just for fun will enjoy them too.

Music, audio and graphics

The musical highlight of Slots Angels has got to be the specially written, Slots Angels rock tune that plays as the game is loading up. Very entertaining, if a little tongue-in-cheek – make sure you listen to the whole thing. In this game you’ll hear engines revving, pool balls being potted, and in general lots of audio that really brings the crisp graphic on screen to life. Slots Angels definitely does better than Bestsoft’s Heist, also featured in our Gangster Slots collection, in this regard.

The Last Word

You’ll love Slots Angels whether you’re playing for cash or for fun. Betsoft have done it again: nine out of ten.

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