X-Men Slot

Inspired by Marvel Movie’s X-Men movie, which hit the cinemas back in 2000, Playtech’s X-Men slots feature the original X-men characters who first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1963. This slot makes for a densely packed, almost dizzying gaming experience, recommended for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced spin on the reels with a superhero storyline.

Storyline and Characters

The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes who possess the “X-gene” – giving them special powers beyond those of any ordinary human. Under the watchful eye of their leader, Professor X, they’ve been trained to use their amazing abilities for the benefit of human kind. Now they do battle against a group of mutant villains: the Brotherhood of Mutants. The constant battle between good and evil is the center of the X-Men story, therefore the theme of the slot is Heroes Versus Villains. Spinning on this slot could make today your day to be a hero too, especially if you play for real money.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Software Producer
Paylines 25
Min Bet per Line $0.01
Max Bet per Line $1000
Bonus Game Yes
Mobile Version No


Interestingly, there are no card symbols in this game. Its five reels are completely covered by X-Men characters, wild symbols and scatter symbols. When triggered, the distinctive WILD blasts you into the middle of a rapidly mutating DNA sequence. The scatter symbol is the X-Men logo: a rotating, metallic X that can win you free games in either heroes or villains mode. Professor X acts as an extra wild in the heroes mode, and Magneto is the extra wild for the villains. The animations, clearly the best feature of this game, reveal the special abilities of each character:

  • Professor X – deploys his mind control powers
  • Wolverine – stabs at the air with his indestructible metal claws
  • Nightcrawler – teleports himself and disappears
  • Storm – creates lightening with her eyes blazing
  • Cyclops – releases a red optic blast from his visor
  • Magneto – unleashes an electromagnetic pulse from his hand
  • Rogue – splays her long claws
  • Mystique – shape shifts and becomes other X-Men characters
  • Sabertooth – bares his fangs
  • Juggernaut – leans in for a head butt

Wagers and jackpots

This is a five-reel slot with 25 paylines. Your maximum bet per line is 10 coins, and you have eight coin values to choose from between 0.01 and 5.00. The biggest jackpot is worth 10,000 coins. There is an Auto Start feature allowing you to program spins in advance. As with all Marvel Slots, X-Men is hooked up to Marvel’s randomly-triggered Multilevel Mystery Progressive Jackpot. Available to real money players only, this jackpot feature has four tiers, ranging from Power to Ultimate Power, and will challenge you to reveal and match three concealed jackpot symbols on a grid of 20. X-Men has been featured on Free Slots for quite a while now, so we presume you’ve had some time to take a few free spins and get accustomed to the intricate workings of this game. If not, now’s definitely the time to start, because with bets beginning at 0.01 £/$/€, this is a very affordable slot for the real money player, with the potential for big cash payouts from the progressive jackpot. Of course, if you prefer something simpler for your first foray into real money slot spinning, check out the 1-Payline Slot games we have here at Free Slots – with these, putting down your first real money wagers just couldn’t be easier or more straightforward.

Other Ways to Win

  • The X-Feature is a bonus round triggered when any of the hero characters land in an X shape on reels 2, 3 and 4; this will multiply your total bet 5 times
  • Free Games Feature (unlimited free games in heroes mode; eight free games in villains mode)

Music, audio and graphics

X-Men’s audio and graphics are mesmerizing. The animations and accompanying sounds go on for a relatively long time and several character symbols can animate simultaneously. Admittedly, by morphing into a number of other characters on the reels, Mystique’s symbol can be a little disorientating. Another nice little touch is the gold coins tossed at you after the Free Games feature. As for music, you’ll hear short bursts of electric guitar sounds when you hit a payline. Both the heroes and the villains mode in the Free Games feature have their own musical sequences.

The Last Word…

Playtech deserve credit for thinking outside the box when designing this slot. Animating every single symbol on the reels and forgoing the comfortable playing card symbols is a bold move, and this is how great new slots are made. That’s why we’ve given X-Men a higher rating than, for example, Fantastic Four slot (also by Playtech) which we gave 7 out of 10 and has fewer animated symbols. On the other hand, Playtech may have just animated X-Men to the point of confusion for some players (although there is a speed control feature allowing you to slow it down). For this reason, X-Men has a score of 8 rather than an almost-perfect 9. For more thrilling Playtech slots from the Marvel series, be sure to check out The Incredible Hulk, Blade, and Iron Man – all available for free spins in the Free Slots’ Comic Slots section right now.

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