Bonus Bowling

Not many people know that bowling dates back to 3,200 BC in Ancient Egypt. Although archaeologists are still unsure whether the ancient Egyptians had to wear those zany colored bowling shoes or sank a load of beers between frames. Fast forward 5,200 years and Playtech has launched a cool bowling-themed arcade game.

The aim of the game is quite simple: you have to bet on the number of pins knocked down in a frame. Free Slots is proud to offer different varieties of arcade games to all our players and so we’ve made Bonus Bowling available for to play for free and just for fun. You’ll be bowled over – give it a try.

Our Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Software Producer
Game Type Other
Min Single Bet $0.10
Max Single Bet $50
Max Total Bet $109
Mobile Version No

How to play

When the game starts you’re greeted by the sight of a standard bowling alley, normal rules apply – strikes and spares, etc. The idea is that you have to guess how many pins will be knocked over by placing a wager on that number, but of course here at Free Slots you can play Bonus Bowling with no real money involved. Your job is to guess the correct number of pins knocked down within the ranges shown below.

  • 0-3 pins pays 2x the wager
  • 4-6 pins pays 3x the wager
  • 7-9 pins pays 5x the wager
  • A spare pays 10x the wager
  • A strike pays 25x the wager

You can use up to five multiple options, for example, you could bet on a strike and between 4-6 pins in a single game. If the number of pins that fall is within these ranges then you win. If the number of pins that fall is outside that range – let’s say for example 5 – then you would lose the wager. Remember this is just for fun, the wagers are not real.

Special features and ways to win

Bonus Bowling offers a special feature called The Golden Frame. If a strike is scored during the Golden Game round, you win 10x your bet for that round. You’ll see that the Golden Frame round has been activated when the frame results screen on the top right changes to say “Golden Frame.” This special feature is activated on a random basis and doesn’t depend on previous scores or wagers. Winning is easy – you can win even if you throw two gutterballs, scoring 0 – this is because the objective is for you to guess the number of pins that will be knocked down, although if you bet on a bigger number of pins the odds of being right are much higher.

Music, Audio and Graphics

The audio is limited in Bonus Bowling. Playtech have added background noise that mimics the din of voices that would be heard in a real bowling alley. A short burst of music is heard when you hit a strike or a spare.

In terms of graphics, Bonus Bowling resembles arcade games from the early 1990s, in that it uses simple animations and 2D effects. In fact, the audio and graphics are very much like something you’d have found on a Sega Master System or similar console. This does lend the game a certain nostalgia that many players will enjoy.

The Last Word

Possibly not the most exciting arcade game that we at have offered up recently. The game play is limited in the sense that the player has little to do rather than set the wager and watch for the outcome. Still, Bonus Bowling has its merits – notably the Golden Frame which adds to the excitement, especially for those players playing for real money. The graphics do throw up memories of early ‘90s consoles and arcades, and a bit of nostalgia always gets credit from us. A solid, but not spectacular, effort: 5/10. Try it now and judge for yourself.

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