Monkey slot Funky Monkey invites you to the Free Slots free spin party

Funky Monkey Slot

Funky Monkey Slot Review

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September 2006
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What’s this slot got?

This slot has definitely got groove. A traditional, Vegas-style, 1-Payline Slot, Funky Monkey is a fun, straightforward spinning experience with a super cool friend. Funky Monkey himself has taken a break from the bar-hopping, drum-playing and chilling in the sun to offer you a chance to win up to 2,500 coins at his party. This game makes up for the lack of a bonus round with the option to bet up to three coins per line and increase your chances of a win to celebrate (if you play for real money of course).


The symbols in this game are all the things that make Funky Monkey the chilled-out groover he is. His Bongo Drums are what you most want to see come up on the reels, because for a 3-coin bet, these will reward you with the maximum jackpot. The other symbols are follows:

  • Banana Tree
  • Grass Hut
  • Sunglasses
  • Bananas
  • 3-Bar
  • 2-Bar
  • 1-Bar

Funky Monkey clearly spends a lot of time getting down on the bar-scene…

Wagers and jackpots

This is a 1-Payline, 3-reel slot. As we said before there is no fancy bonus round, as is common in more traditional slots like this one, but the generous option of betting up to a maximum of three coins per line means that prizes range from minimum of 10 coins for any 3 of the bar symbols, to the maximum jackpot of 2500 coins we already mentioned. Of course, all this talk of cash prizes is relevant only to real-money players. Funky Monkey is also what is often referred to as a “penny slot” This means that you have wagering options from 0.01 €/£/$ to 5.00 €/£/$. So as well as being a nice simple game for newcomers to slots to enjoy, Funky Monkey is perfect in real money for beginners on a cautious budget too. Another plus is the fact that the scoreboard is conveniently displayed in the top right corner, so you easily keep track of your winnings and figure out which symbols you should be aiming for.

Music, audio and graphics

You’ll hear a couple of groovy jingles when the game loads up, and when you make a win on the reels. We think the noise you hear when you click to spin is Funky Monkey hitting the Bongo Drums - on that note, some catchy Bongo Drum music would certainly have given this slot a funky boost and made us more likely to play a second time. The graphics are colorful and fun, but basic. The only animation we saw when playing were the flashing lights on the scoreboard; other than that the game is fairly static apart from the reels themselves.

The Last Word

Giving Funky Monkey or any 1-Payline slot a relatively low score of six out of ten is bit controversial, because in a sense the game is being penalized for its simplicity, which is actually its main attraction for some people – exactly the type of players at whom Playtech targets these traditional online slots. So please don’t get us wrong; we enjoy and appreciate the likes of Funky Monkey and Tres Amigos, but we feel we have to reward the slots that go the extra mile in terms of graphics and animations with higher scores. In fact, we think that the more old-fashioned slots with just one payline are a great way for beginners to get into online slots, have some fun and find their bearings before they move on to the more thrilling and fast moving games such as Incredible Hulk, Iron Man or Blade in Free Slots’ Comic Slots section.