Try holiday slot Vacation Station for free spins and foreign adventure

Vacation Station Slot


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May 2007
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Vacation Station is a Playtech video slot that will put you in the mood for a holiday in the sun, and, if you play for real money, might send you off with some extra spending money too. The maximum potential jackpot win is 20,000 $/€/£. This is a simply designed online slot game with no fancy features other than a jackpot boosting scatter symbol, and the opportunity to bet three coins on each line, thereby increasing your winnings. The game has eight paylines but a generous total of 33 winning symbol combinations, if you include the scatter symbol payouts. Take a few free spins here and enjoy a money-making adventure in foreign climes.

Setting the Scene

Travel is the name of the game with Vacation Station. The game’s easily comprehensible pay table is set against a map of the world, complete with compass to help you distinguish north from south. The reels themselves are set in a train station, with a happy tourist (that’s supposed to be you, we assume!) getting ready to head off on his vacation. With his sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt, camera and suitcases, he has everything he needs for his trip around the world. If you play this slot for real money, you could end up winning the funding for your trip of a lifetime too, or even just a weekend away.


Vacation Station is another one of those Playtech slots (check out Chinese Kitchen) that looks like it has only three reels of symbols but actually has nine. That’s because the icons on the reels spins independently of each other. The icons are animated when the reels spin, but the symbols themselves are not.

The only special symbol is the scatter, which is a suitcase packed and ready to travel, covered in stickers from previous exciting journeys into the unknown. Land 4 or more suitcases anywhere on the reels and you win a prize. The biggest scatter payout is for 9 suitcase symbols: 1,000 coins.

The colorful, regular symbols are all methods of transport that you might chose to reach your fantastic vacation destination. As the biggest payers, the ones you want to see coming up on the reels are the airplane and the ship. You need to land three of these symbols on a line to hit the jackpot.

  • Airplane (maximum win 4,000 coins for a 3-coin line bet)
  • Ship (maximum win 2,250 coins for a 3-coin line bet)

The prizes for the following symbols range from 25 to 1,500 coins:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Motorbike
  • Car
  • Submarine (when was the last time anyone went on holiday on one of those??)
  • Hot air balloon
  • Yacht

Of course, payouts are not just for 3-coin bets; 1- and 2-coin bets pay out also, but less.

Wagers and jackpots

As previously stated this is a 9-reel online slot game with 33 different ways to win. The eight paylines run vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You can wager coins valued between 0.01 and 5 in whatever currency you’re using in real-money mode. That makes the maximum jackpot (for 3 airplanes) 4,000 x 5 = 20,000 $/€/£, and the minimum jackpot 4 x 2 coins = 0.02 $/€/£. Definitely a slot that caters for all budget levels.

Other ways to win

2-coin and 3-coin bets: What makes Vacation Station a little bit different is that you have the chance to bet up to 3 coins per line. If you do, and you get lucky with the payline, you’ll win a lot more. For example, the airplane symbol pays out 1,000 coins for a 1-coin line bet, but 4,000 coins for a 3-coin line bet – the jackpot is multiplied by four!

Vacation Station is not a progressive jackpot game. Nor are there any free games or bonus rounds.

Music, audio and graphics

Not too much going on by way of music or audio in this game. You’ll hear the “ding” of a travel ticket being stamped when you press to spin the reels, and the sound of a camera shutter clicking when you hit a payline. The graphics are vibrant and cheerful, but nowhere near as complex as those of other free slots in the Holidays and Vacations genre (see Santa Surprise).

The Last Word

Vacation Station is a fun time for slots fans looking for free play, and for those on both ends of the real-money budget. Seven out of ten.