Try Asian delicacies and free spins on Chinese Kitchen at Free Slots



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November 2004
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This is a very simple yet fun game; great for learning the ropes if you’re a newcomer to online slots. You won’t find any crazy animations or surprise bonus rounds, but the detail and color on the symbols goes some way towards making up for the absence of frills and extras.

Type of Asian Theme

This game features all the weird and wonderful things you’d supposedly find in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, along with an eccentric chef and a worried looking waitress – of dubious gender. In our introduction to Asian Slots we’ve talked a lot about how Chinese and Japanese culture has influenced slot game designs. Chinese Kitchen definitely falls into the kitschy and stereotypical subsection of this category.


There are no “special” symbols in this slot, meaning you won’t find any scatters or wilds. Each symbol features a particular animal the chef is cooking in his bubbling purple saucepans and wok. All the meats and fish are served up with various garnishes, vegetables, pots of sauce and sometimes chopsticks. Let’s just say that some of them are more appetizing than others. Any time you land a line of three of a certain symbol, you win a cash prize (this is really is the most basic of slot game formats).

The symbols are as follows:

  • Octopus – bright blue, still alive, and a little spiky looking; this guy wins you 20 coins.
  • Duck – steaming hot and definitely cooked, this comes at a price of 80 coins.
  • Starfish – this dish’s relatively low payout of 10 coins may reflect its popularity with customers.
  • Caterpillar – this little dude appears on the plate still breathing. He’s worth 30 coins. Good luck with that.
  • Fish – colorful enough to be poisonous and not looking too happy to be served up, a fish dish pays out 40 coins.
  • Snail – ok, well at least this one’s dead, or at least the tongue hanging out would indicate it; 200 coins.
  • Turtle – another delicacy that seems (thankfully) to have moved on to the next life: 1,000 coins if you’re brave enough.
  • Crab – definitely the signature dish of this particular restaurant. The crab not only pays out 200 coins for a line of three, but also 10 coins for two, and two coins for just one crab symbol.
  • Frog – bright green, angry looking, and ready for a fight, this slimy treat wins you 100 coins.

Wagers and jackpots

As we already mentioned this is a three reel slot, but there’s a twist. Each symbol spins independently of the others, and they come to rest one after another as if they were on separate reels – so it could be argued that Chinese Kitchen is actually a nine reel game disguised as a three reel game. In any case, the maximum jackpot is 1,000 coins. There are eight winning paylines. If you’re playing for real money, you can bet anywhere between 0.01 and 5.00 in the relevant currency. This makes Chinese Kitchen’s maximum real-money cash prize 5,000 dollars/pounds/euro.

Other Ways to Win

Gasp! There are no other ways to win. Unusually for a Playtech game, Chinese Kitchen offers no free spins or special bonus rounds. This is a “what you see is what you get” slot and players will either love it or feel indifferent about it for that reason.

Music, audio and graphics

You might like the black and white silhouette images that flicker through every spot on the reels while the symbols are still spinning. This increases the tension as you see the symbols spin past and come back again – where will they stop? There’s no music in this game but you do have a couple of cute sound effects. As the spinning symbols come to rest you’ll hear the sound of a pot bubbling on a hot stove (look out for the steam rising from the chef’s saucepans on the right). When you hit a winning payline, you’ll hear a squeak – we think it’s made by one of the unfortunate creatures that end up in the pot.

The Last Word…

A simple, easy-going game and a good lesson in slot basics. If it had had some bonus features we would have scored it one grade higher, but for as it stands it’s 6 out of 10.