Venture into the Bermuda Triangle with free spins from Free Slots



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November 2004
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Bermuda Triangle from Playtech is a three-reel "regular" slot (that means not a video slot) with a straightforward concept and design. Set in the stormy waters of the Bermuda Triangle – known for disappearing aircraft and sea vessels – this game has a nautical feel. This is a good slot for new players to try before moving on to a slot game with more complex special features.

Setting the scene

With this adventure game we're not too sure whether you're supposed to feel like you're in the faltering propeller plane in the top left corner, or you're sailing through the choppy waters of the Bermuda Triangle itself, but whatever happens, the storm clouds and lightening would suggest that you're not going to reach your destination through these notoriously treacherous waters. Popular legend has it that many planes and boats, along with their crews, have mysteriously disappeared in this triangular stretch of sea near the coast of Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Your challenge is to see how many jackpots you can pick up during your voyage.


There are no scatters, multipliers or special symbols in Bermuda Triangle, but there are five different symbols associated with disasters at sea:

  • Boat
  • Propeller Plane
  • Shark
  • Octopus
  • Dolphin

None of these symbols have any animations, but the plane above the reels continues to fly through the storm clouds as you spin. If you hit a payline you'll hear a gust of wind, see the lightening flash, and a bell rings too. As the symbols come to rest after each spin you hear a “ding” noise that sounds like what you'd hear in a submarine control room when something outside the craft is picked up on the radar – perhaps it's searching for the wreckage of an unfortunate vessel that came to a sticky end somewhere out there.

Wagers and jackpots

Bermuda Triangle is a 5-payline, 3-reel game. The jackpots range from 10 to 1,000 coins. The most valuable symbol on the reels is the boat, which will win you the maximum prize if it lands in a diagonal line of three on payline number 4. Your available wager values run from 0.01 to 5.00 in whichever currency you might choose to play in for real money. That brings your highest potential real-money earnings on this game to 5,000 (dollars, euro, pounds depending on where you play).

One thing that definitely goes in this game's favor is the conveniently displayed paytable right above the reels. You can easily compare the information there to the paylines you've hit – something that makes this a good game for beginners who need to get to grips with online slots without being confused by all-singing, all-dancing bonus rounds and gimmicky tricks. When you score a payline, the number of coins you've won even lights up on the paytable.

Other Ways to Win

Zilch unfortunately. There are no additional ways to boost your winnings on this game. No progressives, no free games, nada.

Music, audio and graphics

Basic. But we know some players like that. If you're looking for Adventure Slots with more action, try Desert Treasure. For dynamic, animated thrills, move to the Comic Slots section and try Incredible Hulk.

The Last Word…

Due to the lack of animations and the fact that there's no bonus round to crack, there's really not much to discover about this game. Unless you're actually playing for real money and winning, we can't imagine that you would play for very long time. Having said that, Bermuda Triangle is a 2004 release, making it practically a classic in online slot terms, and some players will enjoy it for that very reason. The lack of special features has affected it's score though: 5 out of 10.