Adventure slot Lost at Free Slots offers 3D thrills and free spins

Adventure Slot Lost

Lost Slot Review

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February 2012
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Pretty much all we need to tell you about Lost is that it’s a Betsoft produced adventure slot. What does that tell you, you may ask? Well, if you don’t already know, and if you’re a slots fan we can’t imagine that you wouldn’t, Betsoft produce, without doubt, the most dynamic, cinematic online slots in the business. The 3D graphics and sharp sound effects in this adventure slot draw you into a dizzying work of Ancient Egyptian tombs, danger, and unimaginable riches. The incredible Betsoft cinematic experience is matched only by the variety of interactive bonus rounds, animated scatters, wilds and multipliers you’ll find in Lost. Truly, this is a game you can play just for fun for hours, and adding real money into the equation can only boost the excitement.

Setting the Scene

Lost is an Indiana-Jones style game in which you are invited to share the spoils! In this journey into the treasure chamber of the mighty pharaoh Ah-Amdad, you’ll be accompanying the plucky archeologist Dr. Dakota Bones and his easily-spooked assistant Farooq. The reels are situated in an Ancient Egyptian temple and are surrounded by chests of gold and the pharaoh’s riches. As you spin, Dr. Bones is standing by the reels and rooting for you, and when you get lucky you’ll be swept through into an amazing 3D experience in one of the interactive bonus rounds, where, if you play for real money, you may be leaving the pharaoh’s tomb with a lot more money than you had going in.


Animation is the name of this adventure slot game. Everything moves, everything makes noise, everything reacts, and this makes for a totally enthralling gaming experience. The symbols on the reels are all unique symbols, no playing cards here – Betsoft is moving away from tradition, and taking slot gaming to new, innovative heights. The animated “regular” symbols include:

  • Dr. Dakota Bones
  • Farooq
  • The Mummy (formerly the pharaoh!)
  • Dr. Bone’s lost boot (with a snake inside!)
  • Three different types of Ancient Egyptian artifacts

The special symbols include:

  • The Staff symbol (center wild symbol) – triggers the center reel spin round and multiplies winnings x2
  • Monkey Click Me symbol – when this symbol lands on reel 4, the Monkey bonus round kicks in, see below for more info
  • The Hieroglyphic Eye symbol – launches the most exciting bonus round – the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus

Wagers and jackpots

Wagering options on Lost are little more modest than on the Playtech slots we feature at Free Slots. You can bet between 0.02 to 0.50 in whatever currency you play in for real money. We think this is great because it means that the very best in cutting-edge online slots can be enjoyed not only for free, here at Free Slots, but also by real-money players on a low to average budget. Lost has a generous 30 different winning paylines across its five reels. The maximum regular jackpot is 2,500 coins for five Dr. Dakota Bones symbols, and the lowest is 10 coins for three Boot symbols. You have the option of betting more than one coin per line by clicking on the Bet Per Line symbol, and thereby increasing your potential winnings. Alternatively, a helpful Mummy is propped up against the right hand side of the reels saying “Max Bet Spin” – you can always just hit that.

Other ways to win

Lost is not progressive jackpot slot, but you’ll be too busy having a great time spinning to notice. The bonus rounds are as follows:

  • Center Wild Reel – The Staff symbol expands to cover the whole center reel and acts as a wild symbol for everything expect the Mummy Bonus symbol and the Monkey Click Me symbol. Initially all your winnings on these spins are multiplied x2, however, every time you win the reels automatically spin again, and the multiplier increases steadily from x2 up to a maximum of x5.
  • Monkey Click Me – In this round the monkey jumps around the reels while you pick symbols he has to reveal for you; each one has a prize behind it.
  • In the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus, Dr. Bones and Farooq find themselves standing in front of three doors in a chamber of riches – you must pick a door for them to win a prize, but watch out for the Mummy hiding behind at least one of them!

Music, audio and graphics

What can we say about the graphics on this game that we haven’t already said? They are so sharp and rich that you really do feel like you can reach out and touch them. The music is perfectly matched to the adventure theme, and decreases and increases in intensity and drama as you move through the different elements of the game. Putting Dr. Bones beside the reels was a clever move by Betsoft – you feel like you’re playing with a friend. He talks to you, he watches the reels intently as you spin, and punches the air in celebration when you win. A few words of warning though – the depth and complexity of the game can make it heavy on your computer or device. Once while we were spinning for free, the reels became stuck and the plug-in crashed. Perhaps this is why many slots fans still opt for Playtech slots, which are renowned for stability and reliability, even though their graphics are not as advanced as those of Betsoft.

The Last Word

An online slot experience that has to seen to be believed. Nine of out ten. (Although perhaps a little overwhelming for beginners because there’s just so much happening on the reels (try our 1-Payline Slots section if you’re looking for simplicity).